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Digging deep, safely.

Our team designs and builds shoring for deep excavation projects.

Shoring contractor in Los Angeles & San Diego, CA. metro area.

In support of our earthmoving services, our shoring capabilities allow us to self-perform large foundation work on our own schedule. We don't have to wait for a subcontractor to ensure that we can safely continue work.


Our shoring crews provide services to commercial, public, and government projects, often combining forces with our trucking division to move the job along quickly and efficiently.

Whether your project is in Los Angeles Metro, San Diego Metro, or anywhere inbetween - we'd love to lend a hand.


Shoring / Support of Excavation (SOE) Capabilities


Soldier Beams


Tie-Back Anchors


Corner Braces


Shoring Projects

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  • Excavation

  • Shoring

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  • Shoring

  • Excavation

  • Trucking

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