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Come Work With Us.

Build a career, a life, and a community with Miranda Logistics.

Opportunity For All

What do an ICU Nurse, a Fast Food Employee, a Fashion Assistant, a Grocery Store Custodian, and an EKG Technician have in common? They all found careers at Miranda Logistics.



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We focus heavily on investing in our people. We understand that finances, family, friends, and futures must all be taken into account when choosing an employer. If we can help you achieve a life full of higher success, greater fulfillment, and deeper purpose, everyone wins.

Get your money right...

Money is the number one reason why people seek employment. We believe that if you can't live a happy and fulfilled life at home, you won't be able to show up to work happy and fulfilled.

Great pay is a win-win. That's why we keep our hourly and salary rates competitive.


Now Hiring

We'd love to have you on our team! View our current job openings below:

We will get back with you shortly, thank you for your submission.

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