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Managing waste.

Our disposal offerings ensure that your waste has somewhere to go.

Landfill & Dumpsite management in
Los Angeles & San Diego, CA. metro area.

In 2020, we opened Grit & Gravel, a materials recycling site in the heart of South Central. As one of the closest concrete disposal facilities to downtown Los Angeles, we have been able to utilize this location to cut down on trucking time, and supply road base to our customers' projects.


Whether you're a demolition contractor, a trucking company, or DOT, we've got the space and machinery to dispose of your concrete and recycle it.

Additionally, our demolition division supplies portable crushing and screening services. Whether your project is in Los Angeles Metro, San Diego Metro, or anywhere inbetween - we'd love to lend a hand.


Disposal Capabilities

Landfill & Dumpsite Management

Disposal Site

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Grit & Gravel, Inc.
6510 Stanford Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90001


Grit & Gravel

  • Broken Concrete

  • Asphalt

  • Sand  



  • 3/4" Class 2 Base / CMB 

  • SE 20+ Recycled Sand

(424) 738-3774
6510 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90001

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